Misty is the ultimate fantastic beast, the mother of dragons in this highly sensual and energetic act.

This act can be performed with or without fire and is also available as a walking act.

Duration 5min10 - 7min15


Misty pays tribute to her home country of India. In this riveting and romantic act, she embodies a peacock (India's National Bird, and subject of many legends) as she dances to a fusion of modern and traditional Indian music, representing what it is to be a performer of color, living in the West.

Part of the reveal is a magnificent peacock tail, as Misty tassel-twirls fire, representing herself as the newest Queen of Fire Tassels, sanctioned by Satan's Angel.

Act is available with optional fire fan ending

Duration 5min - 7min15

Poison Ivy

Classic Burlesque Version


Femme Fatale number inspired by the esthetic and attitude of Poison Ivy.

Fierce, exotic, seduction, tease, ending with fan dance with huge pheasant feathers.

Duration 4 min

Toxic Poison Ivy Version

Fierce, exotic, seduction, tease, lipsynced to a District 78 version of Britney Spears' Toxic, ending with stapling and fan dance finale with huge pheasant feathers.

You will find this version more suitable for neo events or as a political statement against censorship of women.

Duration 3 min

Eyes Wide Shut

A tribute to Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. The choreography of this act shows the vulnerability, entrapment, courage and resignation of the woman in the mask. 

Even if you've never seen the film, you will still be entranced by this riveting act.

Available with or without fire ending OR with stapling Tarot Card ending.

Duration 4-6min

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