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Misty is the ultimate fantastic beast, the mother of dragons in this highly sensual and energetic act.



Misty pays tribute to her home country of India, embodying the symbol of Pride and India's National Bird, the peacock. This act is a feast for the eyes but has a fierce political message Indian Women's sexuality is so often erased and censored.



Classic Burlesque at its finest. Fun, flirty and sexy act with a fan dance finale!


Poison Ivy

Fierce, alluring and dangerous! Stapling and fan dance finale with huge pheasant feathers.
This act uses the sideshow art of stapling as 
a political statement against censorship of women's bodies.

It may seem violent and require a trigger warning... however have no fear... Misty gets the audience to the point where they want to see her staple herself!

Misty Lotus - Veronika Marx EWS2.jpg

Eyes Wide Shut

A tribute to Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. The choreography of this act shows the vulnerability, entrapment, courage and resignation of the woman in the mask. 

Even if you've never seen the film, you will still be entranced by this riveting act.

Available with or without fire finale OR wax pour OR with stapling Tarot Card.



A slow burn, poetic act not meant for mainstream audiences. Showcases fear, vulnerability, and soft sensuality. 

Video is an at-home version filmed during the pandemic.

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