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Geneva Burlesque Festival 2016

February 13, 2016


Hello again, welcome back!

It's now high time to talk about my experience at the Geneva Burlesque Festival!

It was my first time participating in a festival and a competition. I was dancing in the category "Swiss Talent" and we were to perform in the lovely Baby Boa venue along with the Newcomer's category.


We were four artists in this category, all from the swiss french part, all with very different acts! I knew some of the performers there, but it was nice to spend more time to get to know some of the ladies better.


The atmosphere was very laid back and pleasant during the afternoon rehearsal. Performers encouraging each other which made everything so much easier and lovely! I met some of the artists from the newcomer category as well, most from France, who were very friendly as well. I have to mention the fiery bella from Brazil Miss Cherry on Fire and her beau Gabriel, without whom the whole festival would have seemed slightly less colorful ;)


And of course I had my FAVORITE light and sound tech guy there: Net, who I've already had the pleasure of working with and who made me feel right at home. I have to tell you that he worked hard during those three days and that he was the true genius of the festival, making already hot and sensual artists look their very best! Thank you so much!!


I was performing my Voodoo Queen Act, lucky that the venue authorized fire, as this was not the case in the Palladium, where the two other nights were supposed to take place.


I was very calm and relaxed during the rehearsal and prep for the night. Or SLEEPY. Yes sleepy or half asleep are the actual words I was looking for. Was actually kind of pissed about not being more excited! I guess having worked two weeks straight at my day job kind of put a damper on my usual bubbly self. Also, I had the weirdest start to the day where I realized that they cut off the water supply at my home and that I actually had to go to a friend's place in with my hair curlers, with no make-up to take a shower! So all this together might have de-glamourized my day XD. But I was confident in my fire power (literal and metaphoric) on stage. I know that as soon as I am performing, everything sort of clicks into place and I go wild for the audience!


The audience was amazing that night actually! I was the first performer to go on, and they were crazy! I enjoyed myself so much, bumping and grinding away, body burning and fire eating! I was very happy with my performance. At the break, we were shooed away to make space in the Backstage for the Newcomer's category and I was happy to sit amongst my always supportive friends who made the trip especially to see me (lots of love guys <3).


We then witnessed the faboulousness of the Newcomers in Burlesque, who actually didn't seem like Newcomers at all. This was a very enjoyable part as when we perform, we don't usually get to see the other acts. I was already sad about not seeing the others in my Category...

Of course my favorite will always be my Asha Jones baby, but I might be biased on that one ;)


Special mention for Miss Cherry on Fire again for a hot and banging tribute to Brazil in a different way that I have ever seen! Miss Rose Rossignol, my colleague of Secret Follies that I finally got to meet and who proved she had the most dazzling array of talents. Miss Canelle Doublekick who produced a dainty yet beautiful performance full of humour and Asian goodness. Of course it wasn't the first time I saw Daisy Lovelace who was the perfect seamstress as usual ;) Lady Dada did a very strange, poetic and beautiful act which was very touching and different... To end the evening  with the  bang bang power of curves, Sassy Saint Jayne certainly did! Of course I couldn't forget to mention Miss Petuly Goldfever, our hilarious MC who was a sweetheart on and offstage. 


I am lucky lady having spent the evening with these lovely ladies and shared the stage with them all.


Then came time for the results and Ms. Vivanne Dellamore and Canelle Doublekick took the crowns that night!

Finally got to see Vivianne's on Saturday and clearly both performers had the incredible pizzaz that makes burlesque what it is!


I understand the whole idea about Festivals and competitions, but would rather see Festivals without winners as it seems so hard to judge acts which are so different. The jury perhaps had the hardest job that night ;) I could never be able to pick among such an array of talent.


The next couple of days were more chilled and I went to both nights "Queen of Geneva" and "Gala night". Both full of incredible performers... Loved the new Queen Jaques Patriaque's hommage to Mars Attacks! So imaginative and simply hilarious! However still, the jury must have had a difficult time as I still don't know who I'd have picked.


Gala Night was a beautiful spectacle of more than 10 amazing artists and was just a beautiful way to end the festival.

I made the most of the festival by doing a couple of  Burlesque workshops. One with the wonderful and powerful Bettie Blackheart, learned a lot, and definitely recommend trying to find your inner Viking Goddess!  The second was a private coaching with Amber Ray, whom I already did workshops last summer. She's an amazing artist and a very wise lady. I'm preparing a couple of acts I am really excited about, and Amber helped me a lot, getting my ideas straight and giving me some great ideas and pointers. I'm sure these acts won't be ready for a while as I'm being very ambitious with these costumes, but stick around and I'm sure to post updates about them.

Both women are incredibly inspiring and encourage you to learn from them if you're an aspiring burly girl as myself!





 With Bettie Blackheart at her Viking Goddess Workshop

 With Amber Ray at the Gala Night


On a final note, thanks to Lilly Bulle and Marge Von Blabla who had the heavy task of putting this whole affair together, and who managed with flying colours.


See you next year ladies :)


This was a very long post I feel but it is of course just a taste of what the whole event was. I'm sure I forgot to mention many wonderful things, but definitely be there next year as you won't want to miss it!


While we are still waiting for all the pictures, in the meanwhile, here is one of the pics from the Swiss Talent night. Can't wait for the others!


Credit Photo:http://eldermacedo.com/




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