Mystical and Powerful Burlesque


Voted Top 10 performers of mainland Europe 2020, 21st Century Burlesque


A Queen of Fire Tassels sanctioned by Legend Satan's Angel

Queen of Burlesque (Bohemian Burlesque Festival)

Misty Lotus is an exciting and thrilling Indo-Swiss burlesque and fire artist specializing in fire eating and tantalizing tease, based in Switzerland.

She performs acts with luscious costumes and high value of entertainment.

Her sultry and mystical performances, inspired always by female sensuality, power and sexuality, range from a poetic fan dance to a dynamic fire show. Her power on stage is undeniable and she marvels her audience with riveting portrayals of enchanting characters. 

She has toured the world, performing in 3 continents and 15 countries.

As a producer, she has organized multiple events in Berlin and Switzerland.

She opened the Swiss Burlesque Academy in 2019 where Swiss burlesque enthusiasts benefit from her years of experience as a full time professional artist. She is well known to engage, encourage and motivate her students to reach their goals, be it accepting and loving their body, or starting to perform in professional shows.

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List of just some of the shows Misty Lotus has appeared in...

Underbelly Festival with The Cocoa Butter Club, London, UK, 2019

Ohh! La la! Chérie, Zurich, Switzerland, Multiple appearances 2014-2019

Swiss Burlesque Festival, Basel, Switzerland

Home of Burlesque, Hamburg, Germany, 2019

Madame Q, Warsaw, Poland, 2019

Xmas Extravaganza, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Taormina Burlesque Festival, Italy, 2018

Bristol Burlesque Festival, Bristol, UK, 2018

Stuttgart Burlesque Festival, Stuttgart, Germany 2018

Bavarian Burlesque Festival, Munich, Germany 2018

Bohemian Burlesque Festival, Brno and Prague, Czech Republic 2016-2018

The Vertical Sideshow, Chicago, United States, 2018

Bordel Chicago, Chicago, United States, 2018

Foundation Cabaret, House of Blues Chicago, Live music show, Chicago, United States, 2018

Cabaret Risqué, St Louis, United States, 2018

Show Me Burlesque Festival, St Louis, United States, 2018

Ballroom Burlesque, Live Music Show, New Orleans, United States 2018

Barefoot Festival, Loughborough, UK, 2018

Maya Cabaret, Fire Performance, Thailand, 2018

Pirates & Pleasure, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Zum Starken August, Berlin, Germany, Multiple appearances 2017-2018

House of Presents, Berlin, Germany, Multiple appearances 2017-2018

Dirrty Cabaret, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Bohemian Burlesque Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

Tits and Jazz, Munich, Germany, 2017

Sunday Soirée, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Apothecary Cabaret, London, UK, 2017

Burlesque Idol, London, UK, 2017

Geneva Burlesque Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-2017

Soirée Prohibée, Live music show, Monthey, Switzerland, 2015-2016-2017

Berlin Burlesque Week, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Slavic Burlesque Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2016